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Cloud-based technologies can answer many data woes, but a lingering question to many is whether their data is safe in the cloud. Chris Lawless argues that not only is your data safe – it is inherently safer in the cloud than on-premise.
Outsourcing in clinical trials has played an important role in assisting sponsors to achieve their goals, particularly as the scope of and requirements for clinical trials have broadened.
This edition of Syncfusion Inc. CEO Daniel Jebaraj's column reviews how to use embedded Business Intelligence applications to increase your organization's productivity.
In education, digital badges can encourage teachers to continue their professional development through formal and informal learning. Much like badges in scouting, they demonstrate a unique skill or accomplishment. Here's an overview of what they do and how they work.
Recent revisions to the International Council for Harmonisation (ICH) Guideline for Good Clinical Practice, as outlined in ICH E6 (R2), have provided an impetus for sponsors to reevaluate their oversight and quality management processes throughout the clinical development process.
In this article, Crissy MacDonald reviews the key changes in ICH E6 (R2), discusses the challenges organizations are facing, and presents actionable recommendations for organizations to implement now.